John (zandev) wrote,

Time off

So what have I been doing with my time off?

Well, things have been going a little slowly as I was spending some time relaxing earlier, and I think I'm now coming down with a cold.

However, I have managed to get some things done. I've mostly installed Gentoo Linux (which takes a very long time to compile) and had a fiddle with it. I've also installed Visual C++, and am starting to get to grips with it, and having an ongoing discussion with Microsoft techincal support about an obscure configuration problem I'm having.

I've also done some stuff for Patchwork Universe which seems to be gathering more posts now.

On more mundane matters I've booked my car in for a service and MOT next week and booked a doctors appointment, but have entirely failed to start clearing up my room. Oh well. :)

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