John (zandev) wrote,

Grrr. #@%$£$ing Apple.

Grrr. Having been a bit fed up recently for a number of reasons, I was tempted into some retail therapy.

In particular, I decided to buy one of the nice new Apple 12in Powerbooks.

This seemed to have all the features I wanted. One of these features is the ability to output video to televisions. I want this feature so that I can use it as a media system.

Unfortunately, the 12in powerbook has a slightly odd video output connector (Mini-DVI). This requires an adaptor to be able to output composite or S-Video to a TV. This adaptor is not included with the laptop. More seriously, this adaptor is apparently not available in the UK. At all.

It's available in the US, but Apple US won't ship to the UK.

When trying to complain about this, I've now had my calls dropped or misdirected three times. This has taken sufficient time that the UK store is now closed.

This is the same kind of hassle I had the last time I was looking to buy an Apple product. I'm really not impressed by their UK customer service.

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