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Others of my friends have posted fairly comprehensive descriptions of the holiday in Cornwall, so as I've left this rather late, I'm not going to post a comprehensive description of the things we got up to. Instead, I'll just comment on a few random things.

Eden Project: Jake, onebyone and I went on a day trip to see the Eden Project. This was very impressive as an engineering project, and a great day out. However, it did get a little preachy and new-age in parts, and some of the art wasn't great.

MTG: We did manage to have a Magic tournament. My team got utterly destroyed by Dom's team.

Cream Teas: Mmm. Yum. I failed however to have any of the other Cornwall staple: pasties. :(

Jez and I shopping: Gah, we are a terrible influence on each other. One time we popped into the supermarket just to top up the alcohol supplies for the evening and spent over £100 between us...

Beaches: It's been a while since I've been to a beach. I even went swimming in the sea with some other crazy fools. This was very, very, very (you get the idea) cold. I still can't believe Amanda and I persuaded quisalan to join us whilst freely admitting that the water was freezing cold. :)

Hills: There are not many decent hills around Oxford. One day I decided to take advantage of this and went for a run. My legs were complaining for a couple of days after.

Food: With Amanda in the hut, there was little danger of us starving. Surprisingly though, it was smiorgan who caused the most food damage to me by cooking a fantastic meal, which I ate far too much of. :)

Company: It was great to see everyone there, and thanks for all the socialising and games to those who came.

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