John (zandev) wrote,

More busyness

After getting back from Cornwall, I've found things to be surprisingly busy.

For instance, from this weekend:

Friday: RPGSoc pub crawl. This was fun to go to to catch up with people. I think that must have been around my 30th RPGSoc pub crawl which is quite frightening. Being a lightweight I bailed out before the end, and thus missed the debauchery that apparently occurred later. :)

Saturday: dr_bob's stag party. This involved lunch at Chez Gerard (nice food but slightly disappointing service), followed by Kart racing. Again being a lightweight I missed out the later drinking at Al's. Having got back to Oxford I was still feeling sociable, so popped into lanfykins' party.

Sunday: Picnic at Byzantium, with gm discussion of Patchwork Universe.

Monday: Anime at Templars' organised by _yakumo_. We are currently watching Last Exile. Fun, though many of those watching have seen it before, and quisalan was absorbed in making a costume.

Tuesday: Playing Conspiracy, the current RPGSoc society game.

Hmm, my evenings and weekends seem to be disappearing...

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