John (zandev) wrote,

Another busy weekend

Unfortunately, my best laid plans for getting useful stuff (like mowing the lawn) done over the weekend came to naught.

Saturday was the send-off party for quantumboo. This was fun, and I got to discuss various Patchwork Universe stuff with secretrebel and ao_lai. We've even commandeered another two gms. :)

Sunday had the hordes descending on Templars' as is their wont. I then joined the Oxford Thai posse in the evening.

The bank holiday Monday I had left for getting the chores done. Unfortunately, secretrebel phoned in the morning, and dragged lots of us off to Blenheim Palace. Despite being just down the road from Oxford, I've never actually been. The grounds were very impressive, and I'll have to return shortly to see the insides.

In the evening, we were supposed to be continuing with watching Last Exile, as organised by _yakumo_. However, quisalan couldn't make it, and as she was one of the few people who hadn't seen it before and there were a number of other people around, we decided to postpone this. Instead, we watched Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. This was great; unlike many anime movies, it is done as if it were an extended episode of the series.

Hopefully I'll actually get some time this weekend to actually get some things done. :)

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