John (zandev) wrote,

The last couple of weekends have been fun, so I suppose I had better make a (late) update:

Weekend before last:

I took Friday off work to go to the wedding reception of dr_bob and cuthbertcross. I was giving Matt N a lift, and having left plenty of time, we promptly got stuck in horrible traffic on the M25. Anyway, the reception was great, and has been described in various other journals already.

On Saturday, a bunch of us (myself, Jez, _yakumo_, quisalan and Rachel) headed to Bicester Retail Village, which is a whole lot of factory outlet stores. Clothes shopping isn't normally my cup of tea, but I had a nice relaxing afternoon wandering around. I even managed to get quite a nice leather jacket. Jez almost bought a very expensive jacket, but his choices were vetoed by the women. :)

On Sunday I organised a picnic at Templars'. We had quite a few people (though it clashed with the RPGSoc punt party), and was again relaxing.

Monday's anime was somewhat disrupted as leathellin had gone off to Iceland with metame, so we postponed Last Exile. Jen was around painting henna on quisalan and picked Mortal Kombat as a film to watch instead. We then ended up in an Old School beat-em-up mood and watched the Streetfighter II Animated Movie, then played Hyper Streetfighter II on the PS2. :)

This weekend I had a fairly quiet Saturday doing various chores and chatting to people. Matt and I ended up watching Cypher which is the second film by the director of Cube. I liked it a lot, even if it was obviously quite low budget and a little predictable in places. It also had a really cool looking helicopter in it. :)

On Sunday, I went to a barbeque at secretrebel's parents' house. We met up with verlaine and bluedevi. We ended up doing a lot of talking about Patchwork Universe which has suddenly gathered lots of posts and plot. :)

Not sure what's happening with anime tonight; Fraser is in Denmark at the moment, but we should be able to continue without him. I'll see who else can make it...

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