John (zandev) wrote,


So what have I been up to?

Moving stuff

I spent much of the weekend helping Matt Nesbit move his stuff into storage as a prelude to his moving to London. This was made rather more difficult by the Big Yellow Storage Company having extremely restricted opening hours.

After lugging things around on Saturday and Sunday we were finally finished.

It's going to be sad to see Matt go, as he has been a bedrock of the Oxford scene for many years.

Patchwork Universe

Patchwork Universe continues to gather pace, and we are about to add another bunch of players to the beta test.

There are still a fair few system issues to iron out before the main game, but I think we are getting there.

Web Stuff and php

For the main game of Patchwork Universe, we may look to hosting the forums on a dedicated server. I may well be getting a server in conjunction with bateleur.

I've been looking at forum solutions we can use. To this end, I've got phpbb2 set up on my Mac laptop. This is the software that we are using currently on dk3, so this seemed a good place to start.

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to get working, considering I've never really done anything with Apache, php, or mysql and phpbb2 uses all of these...

If anyone has any recommendations of other forum systems, I would be interested to hear of them.

I've also been pleasantly surprised at how powerful and easy to use php is. However, it does look like it could be a nightmare to secure properly. :)


A group of us now seem to be watching anime semi-regularly on Monday evenings now.

We even had lanfykins and Christi showing up this week.

Last week we were watching Utena as leathellin was away and we could get away with watching something very silly.

This week we started watching Cowboy Bebop. I've seen this before, but it's worth watching again.

quisalan provided distraction to the geeks amongst us (i.e. all of us) by bringing along an RM Tablet PC she had borrowed from work. This was very nice, and several people were drooling over it. However, like most Tablet PCs I'm not sure it has enough functionality to justify the cost.

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