John (zandev) wrote,

Another weekend failing to tidy up

On Saturday, a group of us went to visit Waddesdon Manor, the rather flamboyant Rothschild stately home. This was entertaining, but extremely hot. I was tempted to buy some of their expensive wine, but in the end failed.

Most of the group then headed to secretrebel's parents house for cake. quisalan and I headed back to Oxford with the vague plan to try to make it to the Hinksey outdoor pool, but this didn't quite happen.

In the evening, killalla persuaded us to watch a Sherlock Holmes DVD by the simple strategy of giving me the DVD and telling me to put it on. Meanwhile Jez and I got carried away with providing different salads to feed people.

On Saturday, much of the same group went off to Portsmouth to the naval museum. After again failing to get to the Hinksey pool, I instead went to sesquipedality's BBQ. This was a nice relaxed afternoon, and I got to meet some new people and construct an outdoor swing seat. There were slightly fewer people there than I had hoped (probably due to the clash with the Reading Cam game), but it was pleasant nonetheless.

With no sign of people returning from the Cam game, I headed back to Oxford in the evening, where killalla again took charge of our viewing pleasure by showing us some Horatio Hornblower following the naval theme of the group that had gone to Portsmouth.

So, yet again, I've been sufficiently distracted to fail to get the tidying up done.

Anyway, it's anime tonight; we should be starting on series three of Utena, as leathellin is away...

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