John (zandev) wrote,

Saturday was smiorgan's stag party. This was a rather more low-key affair than many stag parties, but that was no bad thing. We went for drinks, then out to dinner, then on for more drinks. This finished a bit after eleven when the pubs shut, so some of us headed back to Templars' (where the hen party had been earlier), and ended up chatting late into the night.

Sunday was spent lazing around recovering. We watched some of the olympics and a couple of films, and I yet again failed to get significant amounts of tidying done.

My achievement in geekery for the weekend was getting a new phone (a T610), and setting it up to remote control my Mac using Bluetooth. This is actually useful as it means I can plug the Mac into the TV and then remote control the display of video from the sofa. :)

The usual anime evening should be on for tonight, though it's not entirely clear who we will be getting, or what we will be watching. I'll probably have to phone people or IM them later.

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