John (zandev) wrote,

So, what have I been up to these last few weeks? A couple of weeks ago was a Templars' party to celebrate metame's birthday. This was fun, if slightly subdued by Templars standards.

Last weekend was the Norfolk party, already covered in detail in various of my friends' journals. I then took a couple of days off last week to sort out a few things and make it to some of Gemcon (Gemma's Oxford based mini-con).

This weekend I've mostly been tidying up and filling in my tax return. This was painful as usual, but with a nice ending in that I reckon that the Inland Revenue owes me lots of money as I didn't get paid as much as I should have last year due to taking a month off and chaos with my employers.

This evening I think I'll try to catch the BBQ marking the end of Gemcon.

Hopefully I'll be able to start up Anime evening again on Monday, but this is somewhat dependent on whether everyone goes to the St. Giles fair instead. :)

Next weekend is smiorgan and triskellian's wedding. The weekend after that I'll probably head to my parents to set up their computer again following the hard disk failure.

At some point I might actually get a quiet day or two. :)

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