John (zandev) wrote,

Gosh, I've got rather behind in my entries. Thus, rather than attempting a detailed account of things, I'll supply an eclectic mix of happenings in no particular chronological order.

My latest toys are some ceramic kitchen knives made by Kyocera. They are strange. They look like kids' toys (or a spatula), as they look like they are made of plastic. They have about the same weight as if they were made of plastic. However, the blades are instead extremely hard and extremely sharp. leathellin begged me not to mention them to lanfykins. Unfortunately, I did so at...

The party for (not) angry_marmot leaving and Andy's 30th birthday was a lot of fun. There were huge numbers of people packed into a small space. It was great to see some unexpected people there such as condign, davefish and ealuscerwen, even if I'd been spoilt by the amazing turnout for...

The wedding of smiorgan and triskellian was a fantastic event. Particular kudos goes to onebyone and kauket for some great DJing. I've not had a good dance like that for quite a while. I'd comment more, but the wedding has already been described in detail (and probably more eloquently) by others. I'd just like to add my voice to those wishing the couple every success in the future.

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