John (zandev) wrote,

Materialistic things

It being my birthday, I've acquired a number of new things recently, and I thought I would give a brief review to some of them.

MTG Online

Just to torture me, bateleur got me a subscription to Magic: the Gathering Online.

I've currently got somewhat mixed opinions on this. The software and servers themselves are great, and work really well. However, I found playing against random people somewhat unsatisfying. I think it may be mainly that I prefer a slower pace of play than many others.

On the other hand, I do look forward to playing bateleur and other friends in casual games, and have hopes that this should be a lot of fun.

RC car

Tommy provided a remote control car at the party. This is really fast, and a lot of fun. It works equally well upside down. The only drawback is that the rechargable batteries only last a few minutes, but this is to be expected considering how much force the wheels generate.

Nintendo wavebird controller

I bought two of these for the party, which annoyed leathellin and metame who were going to get me one for my birthday. ;)

They are radio controllers for the Nintendo Gamecube, and rock as much as Al said they did. It is refreshing to find a piece of technology that really Just Works (TM).


I've just received the first two DVDs of "Revolutionary Girl Utena", which condign has been raving about.

It does look like a very odd show, but I'm not going to watch them until I show them at one of my Sunday evening anime nights.

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