John (zandev) wrote,

Calling Star Wars and Lord of the Rings geeks

I'm currently in the midst of upgrading what might over-grandly be called my home cinema system. I've recently finally got Sky+. I've just ordered a new glass stand for the TV (and I hope metame and leathellin are not too shocked by the size). I'm planning to shortly get a large flat screen TV (probably a plasma, unless there are significant movements in the LCD market in the next few weeks).

Once I've got this sorted, I'll need to break this in properly.

To do so I'm planning on doing a back-to-back showing of all three of the (released today on DVD) original Star Wars films, probably on a weekend day in around a month or so. (Note to purists - unfortunately these are the messed around with 'Special Edition' versions).

I'm also planning the rather more extreme showing of all three Lord of the Rings (extended versions) movies back-to-back once Return of the King is released.

Anyone interested, and does anyone have any preferences for the date?

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