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John's Journal


8th February 2005

11:28am: Random musings
A selection of random things from my life at the moment:

Last Saturday was Kathy's birthday party. This was a lot of fun even if I did get to bed very late and ended up wrecked the next day. :)

Speaking of parties, this is a reminder that leathellin's and secretrebel's party will be this Saturday at Templars'. I think the rpgsoc pub crawl is the night before (though I'm not sure as the termcard on the webpage is out of date), so this could be a heavy weekend. It would be a drunken one, except I think alcohol will be one of the things I give up for lent.

Anime night seems to be going well even though I've not yet fully set up my Mac Mini (I need to get DivX and a new VGA cable). We are now most of the way through Evangelion.

I just go myself a copy of Phantom Brave on the PS2 which is sort of the sequel to Disgaea. Reasonably fun so far, but I'm not convinced so far that it is a significant improvement on Disgaea.

As I've got a huge amount of holiday to use up, I'm going to take tomorrow as holiday to sort out a few things and take it easy.
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