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John's Journal


2nd August 2005

6:50pm: Anime night is dead. Long live anime night!
As has been mentioned in various places, I'm stopping doing the regular Monday night anime showing at Templars'. I'll be sending messages to the remaining regulars, in case they haven't heard this.

However, there are a number of alternatives now being considered. leathellin is considering doing some showings of particular Ghibli films, and possibly Escaflowne again, and quisalan is considering reviving anime night for some specific series.

In the mean time, I may try to organise some showings on a more ad-hoc basis.

If anyone has any particular suggestions of things they want to see, let me know. Similarly, if you are generally interested in anime in Oxford, tell me, and I'll try to keep you in the loop of any arranged plans.
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