October 2nd, 2005



Today I'm feeling worse than I have done for a long time.

Last night I went to smiorgan's birthday meal. The curry was nice, and it was good to catch up with people. Unfortunately, I think I rather overdid the spices, and ended up extremely ill all last night. Sadly I think my spice tolerance is going down with age. I may end up having to take the non-spicy option along with leathellin in the future.

While I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself, I suppose I should update this journal with some random happenings.

chrestomancy, Frances and Andy's party was a great success. Lots of people were there whom I've not seen for far too long, especially chrestomancy and Frances. It's great to have them around again.

On Friday a large group of us went to see Howl's Moving Castle at the Phoenix. It had typically lush Ghibli animation, and some great parts, but was a bit lacking as it really didn't make any sense.

So what's coming up? There are various parties and gatherings happening for the next few weeks which should keep me busy.

I also really should start organising some more film and/or anime showings. I've been a bit lax in this regard.