October 11th, 2005


(no subject)

I think I'm recovering from this cold, but I'm still feeling rather rough.

At least being sleepless last night gave me a chance to finish reading Frances' book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's full of remarkably subtle and intelligent writing, but that's only to be expected from Frances. :)

I still need to decide whether to go to the first session of Horizon tonight. Obviously, making it to the first session is highly desirable, but I don't want to spread this cold around further.

Odd amazon recommendations

Possibly showing the odd social group we are in, I notice that following my previous journal update where I recommended The Atrocity Archives and Fly By Night, Amazon's page for Fly By Night says:

Customers who bought books by Frances Hardinge also bought books by these authors: Charles Stross.

I can't help feeling that anyone following that blindly would be in for a surprise. :)