November 14th, 2005


How much is that doggy in the window?

This weekend I succumbed and bought myself a Nintendo DS.

Although I'm not really the target market, I picked up a copy of Nintendogs to go with it. Obviously under the psychic influence of lanfykins I selected a Siberian Husky. Although not really much of a "game" as such, Nintendogs is a remarkable feat of design. The touch screen and microphone give new life to the old idea of virtual pets.

I also picked up Advance Wars: Dual Strike, which is great, but pretty much more of the same as the previous games in the series, and Meteos, which is a puzzle game that I still don't quite understand. I must go look at some of the FAQs for it.

On Saturday, hearthfire was around cooking a (delayed) birthday meal for metame. This was a meal of wonderful excess, with many fine courses including lobster and an amazing sorbet. Huge amounts of alcohol including champagne, red and white wine, fine port and the remains of leathellin's Port Ellen was drunk. A great evening, and I think even jezzidue was impressed by the decadence.