March 18th, 2006


More gaming

Instead of a proper update, here is a further comments on games:

Board Games:

I've now played the new Arkham Horror three times, and watched others play once. On all four occasions we have won, though I'm not sure how much of that was luck, or due to us usually playing with larger numbers of players which seems to make things a little easier. This game is proving to be a lot of fun if you are in the right frame of mind, though it does take a while. metame made the mistake of inventing the Arkham Horror drinking game while we were playing last night: take a drink each time your character loses sanity. I think he was regretting it this morning.

A few weeks ago we tried out Caylus. This seemed to go OK, though I realised afterwards that we had got a fairly significant rule wrong.

Computer games:

I've just got Burnout: Revenge on the 360. This is a lot of fun so far, and looks good, despite largely being a port from the older console version.

I've also recently got Galactic Civilisations II, though I think I may hold off playing this at all until the first patch is relesed. I've not yet played much Shadow of the Colossus or Ico or F.E.A.R.

I've recently been playing some World of Warcraft again, and finally got to level 40 and got a mount. This makes getting around much easier. Conversely, I've not been playing much Final Fantasy XI recently, though the expansion (due out in April) looks interesting.

Speaking of Final Fantasy, I see that FF XII is now out in Japan. No word yet on exactly when it will be out in Europe though. On the plus side Dragon Quest VIII should be out in Europe shortly.


Patchwork Universe continues, now at a new and improved address and with a more impressive website. It seems to be going reasonably well, though I'm not being able to put as much time into it myself as I should or would like. Come and join in.

Planning for Legacy, the next rpgsoc society game, continues. After looking like we were rather behind schedule, things are coming together. If you are in Oxford, do come along and play once the game starts during term-time. Tuesday evenings, details on the web site. I've also just bought myself a cheap colour laser printer to deal with the volume of printing that is likely to be needed.

More Tech

Another thing I got today was an HP Colour LaserJet 2600N, as I suspect that I may need to print out quite a lot of stuff for Legacy.

So far, it's pretty good for the (very low) price, though my attempts at printing art with solid black background have been very poor. Hopefully it will settle down in time.

It was very easy to set up, and produces good text (in black or colour). It's rather bigger and heavier than I was expecting, but not unmanageable. It's certainly much bigger than personal B&W laser printers.