John (zandev) wrote,

Erk, my poor credit card

I've just succumbed and bought myself a new TV. This is a 37in LCD screen (Sharp LC37HV4E).

Richer Sounds had them in stock. Getting it home was complicated by the problem that it didn't fit in my car. It only just fit in the minibus taxi I used to actually get it home. :)

It's got a pretty decent image, mainly limited by the quality of the input as it's higher resolution than standard TV, so it needs to upscale things. This does cause slight problems with console games, but it's not too bad.

DVDs look good. As with all LCD screens, the blacks are not quite as black as good CRT or plasma screens, but not bad.

I'll have to watch some films to give it a proper tryout. However, I suspect tonight I might end up playing Final Fantasy XI which ao_lai persuaded me to buy. :)
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