John (zandev) wrote,


Glub. I've come down with a horrible cold, so I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself browsing the web and playing Final Fantasy XI.

This has been my game of choice recently, so I suppose I'd better make some comments on it:

(Further comments can be found in lathany's journal.

It being the first real MMORPG I've tried I wasn't sure what to expect. It does have the feeling of a Final Fantasy game, but is is much much bigger. There is a vast amount to do in the game, and getting through it takes a long time.

From a game design point of view, I've found that having real players adds a lot of depth to the game, particularly to the economy.

One thing that is slightly surprising is that it is less tailored to the casual gaming market as for instance World of Warcraft. After the first few levels gaining XP really needs a group of players, and many of the quests need a group as well. It's also harder than I expected. Both of these things I think make for a better game in the long term, but may put off some people.
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