John (zandev) wrote,

Long weekend

Ah, the joys of extremely long weekends. Unfortunately, I'm now feeling dreadful. It must be stress withdrawal.

On Friday was the aforementioned picnic, which was a lot of fun (I haven't been to the White Horse since early childhood). Following this was Martin Lloyd's party which was also enjoyable. Maria's place (where it was held) is a great flat but in an amazingly obscure place behind the train station. Part of the alternate set of directions is along the lines of 'if you thing you have gone the wrong way, you are on the right track'.

Saturday involved lots of relaxing. onebyone and I are slogging our way through the DVD set of 24 series 1. This is entertaining if rather implausible.

Sunday anime was great if very strange this week. We finished off Excel Saga which continued to be bizarre. Somewhat to my surprise, Utena is proving to be almost as mad. Perhaps we need a new more serious show to balance things.

On Monday I went to Stonor, a stately home near Henley with a bunch of people. This was relaxing even if I was beginning to feel a little rough.

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