John (zandev) wrote,

Zelda and stuff

Yes, I've got the new Zelda, and it's been eating quite a bit of my spare time. Overall it's really good, though I get the impression there is a bit less to it that Ocarina of Time. Speaking of which, the new Zelda comes with a GameCube port of Ocarina of Time which is a nice bonus. I might even get around to finishing it one day. No Majora's Mask though, which is a pity as I never got around to playing that.

Friday I went to see X-Men 2 in High Wycombe, Saturday evening was playing games. Sunday was spent playing ao_lai's game which was fun as usual. I was supposed to be having the regular anime evening on Sunday, but due to various reasons only two others showed up, so we ended up watching one of Steve's martial arts DVDs instead.

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