John (zandev) wrote,

The weekend:


I spent much of the day shopping and sorting out stuff for chrestomancy's party which starts next weekend.

In the evening I went to condign's leaving party which was fun, and has been described in other journals in more detail. I then (possibly foolishly) invited everyone back to Templar's to continue the party. This was great, but I then didn't get to bed until nearly 4am. As background to the start of the party, I showed the DVD of The Way Things Go, which is surprisingly hypnotic in its effect.


Most of Sunday was spent recovering from the Saturday. :)

As usual anime was shown in the evening (after Andie had cooked dinner for various people), and we even had two_nukes show up which was a pleasant surprise.

We've almost finished the "Rose Bride" arc of Utena, but hopefully I should be getting the discs of the next part soon.

In case it is relevant to anyone reading this, note that I'm not showing anime next Sunday (18th May), due to the aforementioned event of chrestomancy's.

Random review:

GameBoy Advance SP

I succumbed on Saturday, and got myself one of the new GameBoy Advance models. This is considerably neater than the old Advance. The screen is now actually visible. :)

The only major downside is the irritating lack of headphone socket. To plug in headphones, you need an adaptor. This by itself wouldn't be much of an issue, but it uses the same connector as the power supply, so you can't plup in headphones and external power at the same time.

I've also found a use for my old GameBoy Advance, in that I also got the GameCube to GameBoy Advance link cable, so that I can use the link feature in Zelda. I haven't had a chance to try this with a second player yet though.

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