John (zandev) wrote,

Yet more thoughts on the 360

I haven't actually played with it all that much since my last update, due to being somewhat wrecked.

Instead, I've been watching _yakumo_ playing various of the games.

Graphically, Kameo is the stand-out game so far. It really is extremely pretty, and consistently so. It continually provides levels of detail that just would not be remotely possibly on the previous generation of console. I can't comment more on the gameplay until I've had a chance to get further myself.

I managed to play a little more Project Gotham Racing, and it is growing on me somewhat. The in-car view is possibly the first in-car view in a racing game that I've been tempted to play using. It really adds a great deal to the realism. It has extremely detailed modelling of the car interior, working dials, working mirrors, and proper use of controls by the driver (including gear shifting). Your point of view also gets shaken around independently of the car. This, along with the windscreen getting dirty and cracked does make the in-car view a lot harder, but great fun.

I've downloaded a couple of movie trailers in HD from Xbox Live. 720p resolution is noticeably crisper than DVD, but not as much as a leap as the transition from VHS to DVD.

One of the accesories I got was the wired version of the controller. I got this as it is also PC compatible. After downloading the driver from Microsoft, it does indeed work with Windows. Unfortunately, the mapping of the buttons by the driver is slightly limited. For instance, the big Xbox button does nothing, and the analog triggers don't seem to be useable a buttons.
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