John (zandev) wrote,

Hectic times

I'm currently in the middle of a busy weekend. Thursday night quisalan cooked dinner for the Templars', which was fun. Last night a bunch of us went to Le Manoir (description below). Tonight I'm off to another party. Tomorrow I'm probably going along the the Legacy gm meet, having discussed this with chrisvenus. Tomorrow night, the hordes will descend to watch the Superbowl.

I'm now just about recovered from the meal last night. Despite a certain amount of chaos, all six of us - myself, jezzidue, leathellin, metame, venta, steelcityblues (I think that's his lj, but he never uses it) - made it there on time.

While gathering we had some drinks with some nuts, olives and dried fruit. This was followed by a random selection of nibbles, including one involving quail's egg, which was really nice.

We then moved into the main restaurant for the meal which started with a finely shredded crab appetiser. This was followed by fois gras and pineapple and mango. I'm not really a great fan of many sweet and savory combinations, but the concentrated mango was a great addition. This was followed by a mushroom risotto, interestingly accompanied with some marscapone cream.

Next was the fish course, the main part of which was sea bass, with a small piece of scallop. This was probably my favourite course. The sea bass was perfectly cooked, and the sauce was excellent. The course also included a cauliflower puree which was interesting if a little surprising. The main course was squab. I don't generally like game meat much, but this was very edible.

Pre-dessert was sorbet with tapioca, which was a curious texture combination. Dessert was a chocolate gateaux variation (during which jezzidue opted for a cheese course instead). This was nice, though there is limit to how much improvement can be made to a basic chocolate gateaux. They gave is a go though, by having little cake, and many variations of chocolate. The small addition of gold leaf didn't really add anything though.

We finished with coffee and some really excellent small chocolates and sweets. We then got taxis back to Templars' for some whiskey.

During the meal we had some excellent Burgundy and Bordeaux wine, though I'm not really qualified to give detailed comments. The vegetarian alternative meal looked great too, but I can't give a detailed description.

It was a great meal, and an interesting experience (including very high levels of service). It was staggeringly expensive though, which means I'm sadly not going to go there very often.
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