John (zandev) wrote,

Legacy is over for the term, which means I get to be slightly less stressed, and do some other things. Such as writing an LJ entry:

What have I been up to? Helping run Legacy, playing games and trying to get slightly more excercise mostly.

I finished F.E.A.R. recently. I was both impressed and rather disappointed. Impressed because it is a very good straightforward FPS, disappointed because there is little made of the psychological horror that it wants to be. It also performs poorly. On my laptop it struggled at 800*600 with quite low (though not minimum) options.

Whereas Half Life 2, which I've also been playing, runs fine at 1920*1200 with reasonable options. I've not actually finished it yet, but I've been really enjoying it, and some of the set-pieces are great. I'm now in Ravenholme though, which is proving to be a pain.

While visiting quisalan and chrisvenus on Sunday, Chris showed me that there is an anime series of Disgaea. Yes, it really is as silly as the cut-scenes in the game. I've also just noticed that Disgaea 2 should be coming out in Europe in October. Yay!

I've also been playing a bit of Eve Online. It's intriguingly different to most games, but it is rather slow paced. The strange skill learning system means that I've not actually been playing much of it as I'm waiting to get my skills to a point where I can do useful things.
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