John (zandev) wrote,

I've taken the day off today to sort out all kinds of things. One of those things should probably be an lj update.


As has already been described in quite a few journals, I went off on holiday to Northumberland with 26 other mad people the previous week.

This was a week mainly consisting of gaming and relaxing.

There wasn't all that much playing of multi-player computer or console games, but we did briefly get in a 4 player game of Bust-a-move on the DS. This is slightly different to the other versions in that the balls are aimed with the touch screen. Fun, and I'm getting to appreciate the DS's multi-player from a single cartridge functionality.

Sadly, I didn't manage to run the auction game I was planning (mentioned in a previous journal entry), as the logisitical difficulties proved too great. However, I did manage to get quite a bit of useful feedback, and I've had some further ideas since, so I may run it as an email game or similar in the future.

As for role-playing games: I played in chrestomancy's 'Timelike Contingency' which was a great take on modifying history. Spoiler warning (chrestomancy may re-run this): Much was made of the interations of the characters as children, with the surprisingly mundane situations taking on more and more significance as the game progressed. We started out being terrorised by a school-yard bully and ended up taking down a Great Old One.

I also played in sesquipedality's Babylon 5 game. I got to play the Babylon 5 commander, which was fun if rather stressful. It worked well as a game, though it really could have done with more than one GM.

The final game I played in was also GMed by chrestomancy. This was his (infamous?) Wombles game. This was wonderfully insane, though sadly due to the timing several of us were very tired while playing and the game was sadly cut short slightly. There have already been a few pictures of the amazing felt noses that chrestomancy made for all of us and forced us to wear. I've got a photo as well, which I'll probably put up once I've got around to sorting the pictures I took.

There was lots of fun non-game stuff as well, including a Jacuzzi which got a lot of use. I also managed to get in some swimming in the sea, which was interesting but very very cold.


I've been a bit down recently; depressed about a few things and pissed off about a few others. Hopefully things will get better soon, and part of the reason I'm taking today off is to clear some of the backlog of things on my to-do list so I'm not feeling quite so snowed under. One of the things I sorted out this morning was sending off for a replacement passport, so I should soon be able to visit people outside the UK again.

If I am trying to get in a mid-life crisis early, perhaps what I need is a new car. I'm considering posting an lj-poll to see what people think I should get. However, feel free to state your opinion before that. Opinions from attractive women count double. :)

Edit: see my response to Rick's comment for more on cars.

One good thing that has happened recently is that I've finally got around to joining people from work (including venta) going swimming some lunchtimes. This is proving to be very pleasant (particularly considering the current heat), and should help my attempts to improve my fitness levels.

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