John (zandev) wrote,

Had quite a hectic weekend. Most of Saturday was taken up with the stag party for Martin L. This started with undyingking holding a freeform game at Templars'. This was a pleasant and gentle introduction to a stag party. We then went on to more traditional activities. We went to the Polish restaurant on Cowley road that I can't spell, which was a nice change of cuisine from the usual, and had good vodka. We then went to the Zodiac for live music and clubbing, followed by back late to Templars' for getting hammered and some poker.

The party was fun and I don't think we broke Martin too much.

On Sunday, after a few hours of recovering, I drove to London to visit bateleur and lathany's new place, and play in a session of The Wheel. Their new place is lovely, if slightly peculiar in a number of respects. It was only the second session of The Wheel I've been involved with, so I still don't fully have a grasp of what is going on (though it seem neither do most of the other players). It was also (I think) the first session of section 2 of the game, so there were a number of differences. This was a lot of fun, and involved farcical escapades through The Vatican.

I got back quite late from the game, so that was pretty much all my weekend. I'm taking Thurday and Friday off this week to go visit my parents in Cambridge, but should be back for a possibly quieter weekend (particularly as leathellin and metame are off to Rome).
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