John (zandev) wrote,

Unexpected Perils of Exercise No. 34: Getting Wet While Swimming

This journal has largely been taken up with comments on technology and announcements of parties. In an attempt to post something actually about my life, here is an entry in an occasional series about something I’m doing. This one is about exercise.

Over the last winter I got rather out of shape, and (partially due to my catering problem) put on a fair bit of weight. Around June I decided to do something about this, and tried to fix my diet by removing a lot of the junk, and step up the amount of exercise I was getting. As a rather vain (in both senses of the word) plan, I set myself the goal of trying to get at least an approximation of a six-pack by autumn.

A few weeks ago, venta reminded me of the swimming pool near work. I’ve since been trying to go there at lunchtime three times a week. This has been good so far, though was the cause of the subject of this post; while walking to the pool today, I got soaked by rain, so I’m now sitting here in damp clothes.

How am I doing towards my (admittedly rather silly) goal? Well, I’ve lost about a stone and a quarter in the last few months without significant muscle loss, and am now probably at my lowest body fat percentage for over a decade. However, if I want to get close my goal, I still need to lose probably another five or six pounds of fat, and gain a touch more muscle.

Wikipedia says the Autumnal Equinox is the 23rd of September this year. Thus my goal is still theoretically possible, but we shall see.
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