John (zandev) wrote,


I'm about 12 hours into Final Fantasy XII now. So far I've been pretty impressed. The plot so far isn't quite as compelling as some of the others, but the art design is amazing and the gameplay is solid (and showing an influence from the online FFXI, but made more accessible).

One really strange thing though: it looks dreadful on my big HD screen. I get horrible jagged edges where it's been mis-scaled. This is very like the complaints people were having about the bug in the PS3 backwards compatibilty; except I'm getting it on a PS2 as well. It's probably just my TV not coping properly with the slightly non-standard resolution that FFXII uses. I'm currently playing it on my other CRT screen and it looks great.

Speaking of PS3 backwards compatibility: it looks like Sony really does hate Europe. The PS3s we get will not be properly backwards compatible and will only support 'a limited range of PlayStation®2 (PS2) titles'.

Unsurprisingly the reaction on various games forums has been livid: we get the PS3 late, costing more and with less functionality. Thanks Sony. I had been toying with the idea of pre-ordering one, but this at least means my decision to wait was the correct one.

I can see why they want to drop backwards compatibility, but it's despicable that they announce this AFTER most stores have been taking pre-orders and they must have known about this for months. To rub salt into the wound, the list of games that are compatible isn't even scheduled to be made available until after the launch.
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