John (zandev) wrote,

I've had a fairly full weekend.

Slightly to my surprise, I received the copy of Order of the Phoenix that I ordered from Amazon (I wasn't expecting it until next week). See lathany's journal for more discussion of this.

On Saturday I managed to squeeze in two parties. I went to waistcoatmark's party in the afternoon. This was interesting to see a different crowd of people than usual, including Vicky whom I haven't seen for years. I then drove back to catch some of metame's leaving party.

Much of Sunday I spent writing a prototype of a new game idea I had for FastRam. This is looking quite promising, but is irritating bateleur as it isn't what I'm supposed to be doing. :)

Having abandoned the anime evenings for the time being, I then wandered over to the Oxford Thai to catch the regular group there. This was enjoyable, and I'll probably do this again.

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