John (zandev) wrote,

I've continued being extremely busy, and being somewhat irritated that I don't seem to have enough time to do the things I want to do.

On the other hand, I had a pretty good (if rather full) weekend:

I discovered the Oxford Game store had a sale on, so despite not really having any time, I picked up cheap copies of Timesplitters 2 on the Xbox, and Devil May Cry 2, Haven: Call of the King and Super Bust-A-Move on the PS2.

Not having much time, I've only tried out Devil May Cry 2, and Timesplitters 2. Devil May Cry 2 seems to be quite fun, but very similar to the first. So far I've been extremely disappointed with Timesplitters 2. It seems to be a basic clone of GoldenEye but with an even more awkward control system.

On Saturday I managed to get some prototyping work done for FastRam. The game I've been working on is looking great as an executive toy, but I'm not sure exactly how much real gameplay can be squeezed into it.

In the evening, leathellin finally got a group of us to start watching the TV series of Escaflowne. This is an anime with a remarkable number of the classic parts of anime: Japanese schoolgirls, swords-and-sorcery, giant robots and floating fortresses. So far so good. :)

I spent much of Sunday playing in a Final Fantasy tribute tabletop rpg run by chrestomancy. lathany has already commented on this extensively in her journal.

I got back to find a crowd of people at Templars'. _yakumo_ wanted to try my copy of Zelda. I went to the Oxford Thai to meet the usual crowd, and got back to find _yakumo_ exactly where I left him. :)

On another note, it has struck me that Templars' hasn't had a big party for a few months. We should probably do something about this. Does anyone have any particular preferences for dates to avoid?

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