John (zandev) wrote,

Random witterings on console games

I an attempt at getting this journal a little more active here are some thoughts on current console games. Having actually had a little time over the holidays, I've finished a few games recently:

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3)

Finally, a decent PS3 game. It's Tomb Raider, but a little more combat heavy. The combat is in the now-fashionable third-person over the shoulder style.

It's pretty short, but great fun while it lasts, and has very high production values. Only really let down by the final boss fight which is dreadful. This fight is trial-and-error, and breaks the game system in several ways. At least it's short.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (PS3)

Another good PS3 game. Amazingly unoriginal, it's almost identical to any of the main Ratchet and Clank games on the PS2, but prettier. Fortunately this is no bad thing.

Mass Effect (360)

I've discussed this before, but I've recently finished this. A slightly flawed but otherwise brilliant RPG, very similar to Knights of the Old Republic, only without the Star Wars licence.

Surprisingly, it is the RPG gameplay and combat that is the weakest point. The story, dialog and presentation is fantastic though, and more than makes up for this.

Super Paper Mario (Wii)

This could be regarded as an RPG, but one that is very different to Mass Effect. The main gameplay is right out of the classic Mario 2D platformers, but with added puzzles and RPG bits.

The unique feature of this game are the genuinely bonkers powers that your characters get, which mess with the 2D conventions. For instance, the first power you get allows you to flip the game into 3D briefly, and things can line up differently in the different views. It's rather cutesy, but worth a look if you want something unusual.

And now a few games that I've been playing, though haven't finished:

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

I would have said that this is one of the most mad games that I've played. However, I'd just been playing Super Paper Mario, which is even more mad. SMG is a fairly traditional 3D Mario game, except that most of the levels are on tiny planetoids that you can run around and jump between. Thus, as you would expect gravity goes in lots of different directions.

It's very easy to pick up and play for short periods of time, as each star is fairly quick to get. This is generally a good thing, though I've got the nagging feeling that it reduces the tension.

Bioshock (PC)

Surprisingly, this hasn't actually grabbed me that much. I'll probably get around to playing it properly at some point, but other things have taken my attention.

Blue Dragon (360)

A very very old school turn based rpg. This has come in for criticism that it's too easy (probably true). Fortunately there is a downloadable patch to make it harder. I've not actually got that far as I've not had much time, and as an old school rpg it does take ages.
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