John (zandev) wrote,

Quick Update

My new job continues to go well. Though curiously, despite having been there two today and Monday I have induction sessions.

As a treat to myself, I've upgraded my PC's graphics card to a 9600gt. Though Dell have many problems, I give them high marks for their current case design: replacing the graphics card was trivial as these things go, and required no tools at all (though I did use my anti-static strap).

For a cheap-ish graphics card, I've been pretty impressed with the 9600gt. I mainly got it so I can run recent games well at my monitor's native 1900x1200. It seems to do this job well, and I can finally play Bioshock properly. I've also just got Fallout 3 which runs well, and seems to be a good game (more on this when I've actually played it more).
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