John (zandev) wrote,

A new series

I've not posted for far too long, so to get back into it I'm going to post a series of thoughts on various things I've done recently.

Before that, in case anyone is wondering, I'm doing pretty well at the moment. glittertigger is now mostly recovered, and preparations for our wedding are well underway.

First up: The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition:

While testing out Windows 7 on my home machine (I may post about this at some other point), I downloaded this off Steam.

This is a remake of the classic original, which completely new graphics and (I think) sound.

I suspect many of you will have played the original, and the gameplay is identical. In fact, the reason I'm commenting on this, is that the remake has one feature I was particularly impressed by, and think more remakes should consider: at any point you can press a button and the game smoothly morphs between the remake and the original, changing the graphics, sound and interface, but leaving you at exactly the same point in the game. It's really slick. What's slightly less slick is that there are a few bugs in the PC port. For instance, the mouse control of selecting conversation options doesn't work properly.

The new graphics are really nicely done, though in a slightly different style to the original so perhaps not to everyone's taste.

If you've not played the original I highly recommend this as a classic point-and-click adventure. However, if you have, it's personal taste if you want to pay again to play the same game. Personally I'm having fun.

Edit: on the subject of controls, it seems that it does work a bit better with the 360 controller for PC, probably due to the 360 being the primary target for the remake.
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