John (zandev) wrote,

Laptop woes

In a less fun happening this weekend, my trusty PowerBook G4 may finally be dead. It no longer charges its battery (or runs off mains power). If anyone still has a round-plug pre-magsafe Apple power adaptor I'd be interested to borrow it to check whether it is just a power supply failure. However, given the fact that the charging light comes on I suspect it's a failure somewhere in the DC circuitry.

Normally this might be a good excuse to buy a shiny new laptop. However, I've been holding out in the hope that Apple will finally release a core i7 based MacBook Pro. Some PC vendors (e.g Alienware) do them now, but not Apple yet.

The PowerBook has survived for around 5 years now which is pretty good going for a laptop, and the facts that I was still regularly using it and I'm annoyed by it failing are a tribute to how well it has lasted.
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