John (zandev) wrote,

Eh, finally starting to feel a bit better, having been ill, then very tired.

Anyway, as mentioned in various other places, Templars' will be having a party on 26th July. Barbecue will be in the afternoon, party in the evening. The usual overcatering will take place. Come along and be merry.

On Friday I popped around to Byzantium to play board games with secretrebel, ao_lai and Jon. After feeling a little gamed out, I returned home at which point lots of people showed up at Templars'. First quisalan and Jez arrived, then leathellin brought various people back after having gone to the cinema.

I finally got to bed around 2am. I woke up on Saturday to find _yakumo_ still playing Zelda. :)

Saturday was spent lounging around and eating picnic type food with leathellin, _yakumo_ and Jez.

On Sunday we made further inroads on Escaflowne. I have now given in and ordered my own copy from Amazon.

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