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Last weekend, glittertigger and I were married.

Under the cut is a somewhat rambling account. This is under a cut as it's partly for future reference, and so rather long...

The night before we had the rehersal in the church (St. Mary's, Iffley). This went smoothly. Given that we had plenty of time, we then went to start the preparations at the Church Hall (which we would be using for Afternoon Tea).

This mostly went smoothly, except when Alison lost her car keys. Full marks to secretrebel for finding them.

glittertigger's family and I (sadly my Mum wasn't present at this point having broken her leg) moved to the Tree for dinner.

To avoid getting in the way of the bride, I stayed the night with my best man metame and leathellin. After a surprisingly good sleep on their air bed (this is a real full-size double bed that just happens to be inflatable), I was up fairly early the next morning.

My Ushers, ao_lai and onebyone arrived, and we had brunch mostly provided by leathellin. Though I didn't eat much due to nerves. leathellin has pictures of me looking nervous. :)

I got a lift from ao_lai to the church hall at 1, which proved excellent timing, as my Mum arrived at the same time, having been given a lift from Cambridge by her very nice neighbour.

I delivered the scones made by leathellin. One nice surprise in the Church Hall, was a shield commemorating the wedding on the wall. Where this came from was a mystery (though it later turned out to be from Chris P). Alison's description that a tall man turned up with a shield didn't narrow it down much. :)

I spent the next hour and a half pacing and welcoming the arriving guests, then moving to the church.

The ceremony was lovely. Bea did well as a flower girl. a_llusive and secretrebel gave readings. glittertigger agreed to marry me. :)

Due to my mother's broken leg, we held the signing of the registers in the middle of the church (she was one of the witnesses). This worked surprisingly well, as everyone could see, which is often not the case.

After some photographs outside (we were amazingly lucky with the weather), we moved to the Church Hall, where Allison, a_llusive and leathellin had provided huge amounts of food, washed down with champagne from my Mum.

The kids there seemed to enjoy the balloons and the play area. Josie Camus provided caricature drawing.

At 5, we moved to the Hawkwell House Hotel, where even more drinks were had.

With military precision (this was an unheard of occurrance: a wedding that ran on time), dinner was served at 6:30 sharp.

I enjoyed the meal, and the speeches from Eddie and metame. I survived my speech.

The cake was provided by glittertigger's old school friend Louisa.

After dinner there was English country dancing courtesy of Eddie and the other band members. We had lots of people dancing. Though unsurprisingly given the guests, some of them were discovered playing Pandemic later. :)

After a fabulous day, we retired to bed in the hotel. The next day we managed to catch up with various people both at breakfast and at various Oxford houses.

We had a great time, and many thanks to all who helped out or came along.

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