John (zandev) wrote,

A good week for retro rpg

I've been playing the old-skool Diablo clone Torchlight (and praised it in a previous post).

I've now got Dragon Age Origins.

Initial impressions are extremely positive: this may well be the first decent take on the old-style party based rpgs (Baldur's Gate etc.) in many years. The UI (I'm playing the PC version - this is somewhat different to the console versions) is pretty slick: you can be zoomed in and play it like the typical current third person rpg, or you can zoom out to a more 2d view and play it very like the old rpgs.

I've not got far enough to really comment on the game. So far the story isn't as gripping as some of the best rpgs, but it's not bad.

The only other negative (though it doesn't really affect me) is that I really don't approve of their add-on policy:

At shipping time, there are some pieces of extra downloadable content. The game ships with a code for one of the more expensive of these. The problem with this is that this is a one-time code. This is a blatant attempt to A) force people to register with them and B) harm second-hand sales and rentals.

I'm also annoyed that there is another launch add-on that is useful and charged-for, just to get more money out of people. This really should have been in the game already.

Conversely, I'm not too upset about this, as the PC version was only 25 quid from Amazon. Given the length and quality of the game, it's great value. I might be more upset if I were playing the worse and much more expensive console versions.
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