John (zandev) wrote,


Inevitably, I'm currently playing through the latest Final Fantasy (number 13).

It has been critisised for being extremely linear. This is true, but the FF series have largely been linear in the plot for ages. I'm still enjoying it a lot.

I'm impressed by the combat system. It feels original (I've not seen anything else that is really similar, which is unusual for rpgs) and works well. Sadly with the linear plot, it takes a long time to start to reveal the intricacies of the system.

Despite many elements being carried over in such a long standing series, I'm like the fact that the battle systems have been completely different for the last three main single player games.

Unusually for a multi-platform game, the PS3 version seems to be the better version in almost all ways (though it doesn't make a great deal of difference).
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